Dysfunctional Family

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All I can say about this song is that it’s not about my family. It’s not about your family.

It’s about other people’s families. You know the ones I’m talking about.


Dysfunctional Family

We went and took these photos out in our back yard
So we could have a pretty picture for our Christmas card
Don’t it look like we’re as perfect as a family gets
And I don’t think anybody figured out just yet

We had a knock-down drag-out over what we’d wear
And someone mashed a bunch of gum up in the baby’s hair
But when the camera comes out we know how to put on quite a show
And if a stranger looked at these he would never know

We’re just a great big dysfunctional family
We’re just a great big dysfunctional family
Between you and me

We had a real nice party at the house last night
We bribed our kids with toys and candy so they wouldn’t fight
And we sure got lucky no one opened up a closet door
‘Cause the avalanche of junk would knock ‘em to the floor

(Repeat Chorus)

The SUV and new TV are going back
‘Cause it hurts my head to see how hight the bills are stacked
Man this perfect life is giving me a heart attack

I thought that I should watch a little evening news
And find out what the rest of humankind has been up to
Seems like everybody’s got a little secret to hide
Guess we’re all a little messed up when you look inside

(Repeat Chorus)



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