Song Story: Daredevil Hill

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My final year of Cub Scouts, going for my Webelos badge, was a tough year. Dad had lost his corporate job, which put him in the position of having to work a million smaller jobs in order to make ends meet. Eventually, he took a short-term job out of town. It was tough on us, and on me, rounding the bend on the most difficult parts of my Cub Scouting. Sounds silly now, but then, not so much.

The guy in charge of us boys was a bike ride away. We met in his garage on Saturday afternoons. We had fun identifying rocks, learning to tie knots, and doing science experiments.

One Saturday, when it was too cold and snowy to ride our bikes, he asked us to walk to his place in our very warmest clothes. We were northerners (I lived in South Bend, Indiana), so we had some pretty warm stuff. We dressed like the little kid from A Christmas Story. You know, “I can’t put my arms down!” He wanted us to bring our sleds, which we did. I had a PacMan sled, which I drug behind me on a long piece of string I had attached to one of the handles.

There was an abandoned farm behind our neighborhood (Private Property – Keep Out!). I spent many hours there, but our fearless leader took us to a place I had never seen before. It was a deep rut in the ground on a steep hill. It was surrounded by trees. Our Webelos project for the day was to sled down that hill without running into the tree.

What a freaking great day! Inspired this song.


The older kids called it Daredevil Hill
Said we were too young to handle the thrill
So when the next blizzard blew through our town
My friends and I all made a pact to go down

It was back in the woods — winding and steep
With snow that was packed at least six inches deep
We held to our sleds and prayed to survive
The tree that stood tall at the end of the ride

Flying down Daredevil Hill
Facing the fear but feeling the joy
Flying down Daredevil Hill
I sure wish this man still had the heart of that boy

Right at the end we’d jump to the side
To watch as the tree and the sled would collide
Then back at the top still catching our breath
We’d brag about how we had all cheated death

(Repeat Chorus)

I’m such a grown-up these days
So careful and boring
It’s high time I take off, go soaring

Flying down Daredevil Hill
Facing the fear but feeling the joy
Flying down Daredevil Hill
I’m sure glad this man still has the heart of that boy

© Cory Edwards


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